Te Poutama Secondary Schools Programme

Purpose:  “To nurture rangatahi at all levels through collaborative quality netball coaching, education and support”

Te Poutama programme to help nurture secondary school netballers at all levels through collaborative quality netball coaching, education and support which is will be held every Wednesday from 3.30 to 5.30pm starting Wednesday 6th March. Please put this out to your players today so they are aware.

Players intending on trialling for Whakatane EBOP Rep Teams U14, 16 & 18s will be required to attend at least two of these sessions as part of the trials process this year.

This initiative is designed to help players improve as individuals and provides an extra training session to compliment what they will get in their school teams. This is also a great opportunity for those schools who may struggle to get coaches to commit because of time. Coaches may send their teams to this programme once a week knowing they will definitely get at least one netball training session in a week as we plan to do these every week - Wednesday.

We also ask you to pass this on to any of your prospective school coaches to come along and learn of our team on an informal basis. Te Poutama is for all those involved in Secondary School netball. 

We urge all schools to try and commit their netballers to this as we feel it will be beneficial to them as well as your school teams as they will take their upskilling back to their school teams.

Te Poutama Coordinators:      Hannah Simmonds & Bubba Southee