Whistlers Umpires

Whistlers Umpiring Programme:

To provide support to Years 7 & 8 trainee umpires in terms of upskilling, resources, information, time together, games and more… This programme is for those who asked to be apart of the programme and those who were identified as an emerging umpire.

Whistlers have already attended an overnight noho on Friday 9th to Saturday 10 April. Whistlers were provided with direct learning sessions with our quliafied ans experienced senior umpires. Basic skills and further development will continued to be provided to this group throughout the season. This will be worked around the Whistlers own playing games so to not interfere in the netball games.

You will see our Whistlers Umpiring throughout the season at various games as their skills develop and they will be wearning "PINK" tshirts as they umpire uniform when they umpire so we can spot them around the courts and ensure they are always supported. 


Attend umpire session ½ hour

with Nana Lou


Umpire Yr 5&6 (6v6 game)

observed & coached by Senior Umpires


Quick reflect & review

with Nana Lou and Senior Umpires


Head to own games